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How Does The Process Work


Getting Started

Step 1: Research

It starts with getting an overall idea of how you want your kitchen and bath to look like. Do you like American Traditional Style, Modern, Minimalist, etc? The internet is full of ideas and perusing Pinterest and your local book shop will help tremendously and getting the right vision. Determine your budget, time frame and any other issues that might come up.

Step 2: Find Material

Your second step will be to find the right color for your kitchen and bath granite countertops. We can help your decision making process by offering you the opportunity of seeing pictures with the  granite and marble slabs that we carry, which can be found in our MATERIALS page. Using our VIRTUAL ROOM DESIGNER will help even further by allowing you to see a rendering of our materials as countertops with backsplashes. Seeing is beliving.

We are a call away and we can assist you with design ideas, pricing points and materials. Please call or visit us to make that dream kitchen a reality.





Pricing & Purchasing

Step 3: Estimate

After finding the right design direction for your granite countertop project it is imperative to find the pricing point to fit within the budget allocated. The granite, marble and quartzite slabs that we carry are priced from low end ($) to high end ( $). Pricing has nothing to do with the quality of the materials and it is based solely on supply and availability. Natural stone slabs that are rare and in high demand will be more expensive. You can achieve luxurious and practical looks without breaking the bank, it is all based on your taste in colors.

Measuring your kitchen and bath countertop area can be done by you or one of our Natural Stone Representatives. We offer free estimates and our professionalism and expertise will be easily reflected in our first meeting.

Step 4: Purchase

Once the quote with all the details  is reviewed and materials are marked and set aside, we will require a 50% deposit for the project to start. The final 50% is due when the kitchen and bath granite and marble countertops are installed and inspected by you. Your smile of satisfaction is what we are striving for.

As soon as the first payment is processed, VP Granite staff will schedule with you a time, of your convenience, to template the surfaces area which will require granite countertops. The sinks, and their templates, need to be available at that moment to be picked up by our representative. The fabrication and tailoring of your stone countertops will start after this.





Installation of Your  Granite Countertops

Step 5: Schedule

When your marble or granite countertops have been manufactured, we will call you to schedule a day for installation. Depends on the size and difficulty of the project, it could take a day or more. Your cabinets needs to be leveled and ready to go.

Step 6: Installation

The big day is upon you. Our installers will be arriving early, preparing the area, masking surfaces that require protection. They will install the pieces, seam them perfectly, the will place the sinks and drill the faucet holes. It will be a busy day for the installers but if there are any questions or concerns please make sure you let them know.

When the installation is completed, we will do a walk through and inspection of all the elements. Upon your approval that the job is completed to your satisfaction, payment is due. While the process is lengthy, the results are unequivocally grand. Your family and friends will love to be in your kitchen, one because it will look fantastic and second because there is always something cooking there.






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